In 2013 Verlad, Okiboy, and Fentino7 joined forces.  In a quiet Texas home movie theater, the three brilliant young men started history.  Originally, the group formed to pull SICK PRANKS (GONE NUDE).  However, we now have settled into adult life and play video games on the weekends.

***GTA V***
We have recently gotten back into GTA V and are looking for new members for our crew.  We are looking to aggressively expand our criminal organization.  If you are interested in joining on the ground floor do the following:

1.)Send a message through Steam to Fentino7 stating you want to join
2.)Request to join the Summit Alliance Crew on Rockstar Social Club.  Link
3.)Join our Discord. Link

We play:

  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
  • ARMA 3
  • CSGO

Discord Server: