Some People Want it to Happen, Some Wish it would Happen, Others Make it Happen – Michael Jordan

Chris & Deanne Janik

Senior Marketing director


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What We Do

We help you build security & freedom for you and your family by providing a platform where you can take your life to the next level!


Control your life by calling your own shots.


Develop a plan that fits your needs.


Become who you were meant to be.

Our Core Values

Hard Work

Success doesn't come easy. It takes hard work to be successful in business. This means doing what most people aren't willing to do; doing what the average refuse to do. It means persisting when others give up.


We believe in the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles in all our dealings. Having the moral uprightness that builds strong bonds of trust with all those we associate with.


We are prepared to peel back the parts of our ego that blind us from the necessary things that we need to confront to grow to the next level.

Give Your Best

We commit to utilizing all of our knowledge, skills, and resources to provide the best results in every situation. We strive for excellence, and flat out give it our all.

Pursuit of Greatness

We are not satisfied with doing a "good job" or creating a "good situation" or delivering a "good performance". Greatness isn't our standard; it's our minimum requirement and we push ourselves to exceed it.

Personal Ownership

We assume full responsibility for our success. We hold ourselves accountable for everything. It is our responsibility to take charge of our results.

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